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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Paces CARS Tour Late Model Stock Practice at North Wilkesboro

Dale Earnhardt Jr. talks to Josh Berry and the JR Motorsports crew after topping practice No. 2 for the CARS Tour Window World 125 at North Wilkesboro. Photo Credit: @CARSTour on Twitter.

Sure, Dale Earnhardt Jr. hasn’t been a fixture in a late model race car in decades, but the 47-year old NASCAR Hall of Famer knocked the rust off in style on Tuesday night at North Wilkesboro Speedway.

In practice No. 2 for the CARS Tour Late Model Stock Tour Window World 125, Earnhardt turned the fastest lap in the No. 3 SunDrop Chevrolet, and he did so by almost a tenth and a half over current NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Corey Heim.

Following the session, Earnhardt spoke to Racetrack Revival North Wilkesboro’s social team about how he is acclimating to the car.

“We did a mock [qualifying] run, that’s why we were so quick in practice, compared to a lot of guys,” Earnhardt explained. “Just working on a couple of little balance issues. The car was really loose earlier today, now, the car has changed quite a bit. We’ll see if we can change a few things and see how the car reacts to it.”

While he was quick in practice, Earnhardt is still a little nervous, despite having a fun time so far in the No. 3 machine.

“So far, so good. Having a lot of fun. Just trying to settle in,” Earnhardt admitted. “Get a little more comfortable. The anxiety and the nerves are at a max, so, I’m trying to chill out a little bit.”

Here are the full results from the practice session:

  1. 3-Dale Earnhardt Jr., 19.454 sec.
  2. 78-Corey Heim, -0.146 sec.
  3. 87-Mike Looney, -0.154
  4. 81-Mini Tyrrell, -0.250
  5. 43-William Sawalich, -0.257
  6. 5-Carter Langley, -0.326
  7. 12-Kaden Honeycutt, -0.371
  8. 16-Chad McCumbee, -0.449
  9. 8-Carson Kvapil, -0.463
  10. 2R-Braden Rogers, -0.472
  11. 22-Bobby McCarty, -0.536
  12. 24-Mason Diaz, -0.541
  13. 91-Jonathan Shafer, -0.586
  14. 28-Connor Mosack, -0.591
  15. 14-Jared Fryar, -0.594
  16. 77-Connor Hall, -0.600
  17. 95-Jacob Heafner, -0.621
  18. 03-Brenden Queen, -0.624
  19. 2-Brandon Pierce, -0.636
  20. 32-Zack Miracle, -0.676
  21. 1-Andrew Grady, -0.698
  22. 44-Conner Jones, -0.756
  23. 4w-Dylon Wilson, -0.797
  24. 29-Bryan Reedy, -0.809
  25. 8b-Chase Burrow, -0.870
  26. 21-Stefan Parsons, -0.890
  27. 71-Katie Hattinger, -0.927
  28. 34-Pat Rachels, -1.040
  29. 10-Janson Marchbanks, -1.150
  30. 4-Hayden Swank, -1.542
Toby Christie
Toby Christie
Toby is the Founder, and Editor-in-Chief of Toby is also the co-host of The Final Lap Weekly Podcast. Additionally, he is a NMPA (National Motorsports Press Association) award-winning writer, and has followed the sport as a fan since 1993.

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