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Niece Motorsports Looking at Jump to Cup with Carson Hocevar in 2023?

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Cody Efaw – GM of Niece Motorsports — says that while the organization isn’t interested in running in the Xfinity Series in 2023, there is a possibility the team could put together an effort for Carson Hocevar in the NASCAR Cup Series. PC: Niece Motorsports | Twitter

Throughout the season, Carson Hocevar and Niece Motorsports have shown impressive strength in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, with the 19-year-old on the cusp of recording his first career victory in the series.

Therefore, it’s natural for the talks of a possible move into the NASCAR Xfinity Series to materialize ahead of the 2023 season, as the sport moves into the annual period that is known as “Silly Season”.

Cody Efaw – GM of Niece Motorsports — spoke to Davey Segal on the latest episode of The Victory Lane Podcast and said some interesting things about the Xfinity Series, as well as the possibility of the organization breaking into the NASCAR Cup Series with Carson Hocevar.

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“I don’t see the thickness of the Xfinity Series,” Efaw told Davey Segal. “I don’t mean to take away from anyone doing it by any means, it’s hard stuff, I’ve done it. If I’m going to run that many weekends I want to Cup race.

“That series I feel is very watered down,” Efaw continued regarding the Xfinity Series. “I just don’t see – maybe a handful of teams being able to win and I feel like, in trucks, there’s a stout list that can win every week and it’s hard.”

As far as the NASCAR Xfinity Series is concerned, Niece Motorsports has competed in one event in the second-tier series, a one-off start with Victor Gonzalez Jr. at Watkins Glen in 2018, which resulted in a finish of 31st.

“I don’t mean to single someone out, but I watched someone at Sonoma that has Xfinity Series wins, has no Truck Series wins, he’s in a Cup car, ran a truck this past weekend, and I didn’t even know he was in the race. It just says a lot about where the Xfinity Series is at the moment. […] I don’t see the value in it, so no on the Xfinity side.”

Efaw’s experience in NASCAR’s top-three series comes from a long-standing tenure as a car chief for Roush Fenway Racing (now RFK Racing) which lasted more than a decade.

“But definitely we’re talking about the Cup side, we are, those conversations are being had,” Efaw continued. “It’s the best time to get in, maybe there’s going to be some more vehicles available coming up, the inventory, there’s been shortages and stuff.”

Other than the fairly large start-up cost associated with the move to the NASCAR Cup Series – which includes a charter if the organization is looking to run full-time — there is also the competitive aspect of things, joining the series in the second year of using the Next Gen car.

“You’re going to be behind the eight ball, there’s been a lot learned week-in and week-out, but I would like to get Carson in some races next year in Cup, and I think he’s able to do it, he’s capable of doing it, we just have to get the right stuff for him and do it. I think we have some partners that are supportive of it.”

Efaw then added: “It may not happen either, but I would do it, that’s where I see us.”

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