Thursday, June 1, 2023

Video: Brawl Breaks Out on Pit Road Following NASCAR Pinty’s Series Race at Delaware Speedway


Goodness, the Pinty’s Fall Brawl isn’t supposed to be until tonight guys, let’s chill out.

There were some people hot under the collar following Sunday Afternoon’s Qwick Wick 125 at Delaware Speedway, after a late-race accident between Shae Gemmell and Marc-Antoine Camirand led some crew members to take matters into their own hands post-race.

While looking at race winner DJ Kennington, you can see a member from the Ed Hakonson Racing crew bashing a jack stand against the window of Marc-Antoine Camirand’s No. 22 Chevrolet Camaro, which then causes a number of crew members, series officials, and probably bystanders, to get involved in what became a giant brawl.

@DMP_Designs captured a recording of the pit road scuffle and posted it to Twitter on Sunday evening, which sees about a minute of the action that took place.


According to the broadcast, both Marc-Antoine Camirand and Shae Gemmell will not start the Pinty’s Fall Brawl on Sunday Evening.

Joseph Srigley
Joseph Srigley
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