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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Sends Chip Ganassi Racing the WRONG Busch Brother Street Sign

Photo Credit: @CGRTeams on Twitter.

What is it with people getting the Busch brothers — Kyle and Kurt — mixed up all of the time? The latest to suffer from a case of the mix-ups is Indianapolis Motor Speedway, who sent a gift — the wrong gift — to Chip Ganassi Racing.

Last month, during the Verizon 200 at the Brickyard weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course, tons of streets around the speedway were given honorary NASCAR driver names of Cup Series drivers who were competing in the race.

After the race weekend was over, the speedway opted to mail these honorary street signs to the race teams.

Chip Ganassi Racing opened their package on Friday, and they were surprised with the Kyle Busch St. sign. However, it’s Kurt Busch who drives for Chip Ganassi Racing, not his younger brother Kyle.

CGR had great humor with the mix-up and sent a hilarious tweet to Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Friday:

World-renowned internet troll Kyle Busch couldn’t let the opportunity go without joining in on the fun.

A couple of weeks ago, when Kurt Busch was announced as the second driver for 23XI Racing for the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season, ESPN — the Worldwide Leader in Sports — flubbed up and sent out cell phone push notifications announcing that Kyle Busch was joining Michael Jordan’s NASCAR team in 2022.

Busch went on a full-on assault of ESPN, even producing a mock press conference announcing his faux move to 23XI Racing.

Kyle Busch Has Fun at ESPN’s Expense After Worldwide Leader in Sports Wrongly Announces Him Going to 23XI Racing

When Busch saw the latest case of his identity being mixed up with his brother’s, he couldn’t help but take another shot at ESPN:

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