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Audio: Hailie Deegan Calls COVID-19 a Hoax in ‘The Deegans’ Podcast Episode

Hailie Deegan (4) during the Zinsser Smartcoat 200 at I-44 Speedway in Lebanon, Missouri. Worldwide Copyright ©2020 Daylon Barr Photography

In a September 8th episode of The Deegans Podcast, Hailie Deegan and her father Brian Deegan get into the topic of COVID-19 and how it has affected Hailie’s development, the lack of competition in the ARCA Series and various other topics. As the conversation continues on, it becomes quite apparent that Hailie doesn’t feel the virus is a threat to human life, and in fact she calls it a hoax in the show.

Here is a clip from the episode, which was grabbed by Twitter user: @TheHestercution:

Brian Deegan calls COVID-19, “This dumb thing, dramatic disease thing called COVID.”

Hailie chimes in and called COVID-19, “The flu,” and then she caps things off by belting out, “Hoax,” in the middle of a fake cough.

Deaths from COVID-19 in the United States have crossed 200,000 at the time of this story (Source: The virus, for which there is no vaccine for currently, has dramatically altered the way of life in the United States and the world in 2020, and it has left a lasting negative impact on families across the globe who have lost loved ones.

At the very least, it’s probably not a good look to be joking about it on a podcast.

For people looking to listen to the podcast episode in it’s entirety, it appears that the section of the conversation talking about COVID being a hoax has been edited out and the episode has been reuploaded as the show now lists that it was published on September 9th, a day after the original publishing. The show is now mysteriously 39 seconds shorter than the original version.

So, it appears they either opted to remove it from the show on their own accord, or perhaps a sponsor forced the move.

Either way, for Deegan, this latest mental lapse comes on the heels of several other issues that have really brought her empathy and overall character into question over the past few weeks.

During a recent Zoom Media availability, Deegan conducted her interview from her bed, which drew the ire of social media, who were confused why she showed a lack of professionalism. While the majority of the media seemed alright with the bed ordeal simply because she did at least make herself available for questions, Deegan still offered this explanation:

Deegan also had another incident that drew negative attention recently.

While a large portion of the state of California is being ravaged by wild fires, Deegan posted a video complaining about the inconvenience of having to wash ash off of her new Ford Mustang after just getting a car wash days before. Deegan received a ton of backlash for the video, which has since been removed from Instagram.



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