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“You’ve Done it Before.” Joey Logano Offers His Account of Post-Race “Altercation” with Chase Elliott

After a long 500-lapper at Bristol Motorsports, tempers are bound to flare, esepcially when you are in the position to go to victory lane on lap 497, but have that taken away from you by a ambitious move. That was the case for Joey Logano and Chase Elliott this afternoon, as a crash with three laps to go relegated both drivers to finishes outside of the top-twenty.

After the race, both Elliott and Logano emerged from their cars frustrated, as a potentially great top-five finish turned into disappointing days for their teams. After getting out if their cars, and putting their masks on, Logano decided to approach Elliott, to have a “discussion” about what went down on the race track.

Late Sunday Night, Logano took to Instagram to share what went down during their discussion on pit road:

“The frustrating part is always afterwards and you expect them to come to your car, and if someone does that, comes to your car and apologizes, what are you going to do?” – Joey Logano

I sat there for…. a minute, minute and a half…. nothing. So I just get mad enough to go up and talk to him.. and what I get out of it was just “you’ve done it before.” – Joey Logano

Needless to say that this issue is not exactly resolved between Chase Elliott and Joey Logano. Could we see this have repercussions on the outcome of future races?

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