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Video: Terrifying Fiery Crash in Snowflake 100 Leads to Broken Leg For Justin Bonnett

During Saturday night’s Snowflake 100 race at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida, a terrible crash ensued.

Jarrett Parker (car No. 46) was turned sideways and slapped the inside wall. He then careened back into the field and was collected by Justin Bonnett. This led to the fuel tank in Parker’s flying off of his car and igniting.

There were huge flames, and the end result of the scary crash was a broken leg and burns for Bonnett, who was transferred to a Mobile, Alabama hospital for emergency surgery Saturday night.

Ronnie Enfinger took an incredible shot of the crash, and posted the video to his @eracer52 twitter account.

Here is a statement that was released by Justin Bonnett Racing on Sunday morning:

“I truly can’t thank everyone enough for reaching out to our family during this time. We are blessed in many ways and are thankful for Gods protection. Justin will have some healing up to do as he sustained burns to his hands, face and neck. He also sustained a compound fracture of the fibula and tibula which will be repaired this morning. He was sedated just after the accident and was flown from Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola to a hospital in Mobile that was better equipped to address his injuries. Thank you to the first responders and the medical staff at both hospitals and to the individuals at the track that immediately ran to help him especially the man (that I have just received a name and number of) that pulled Justin from the car. Our family will contact him in privacy but sir, thank you for your selflessness and quick actions, you are a hero. All of your texts, calls, messages of encouragement, and prayers have been a blessing to us and we are grateful for each and every one. ❤️BONNETT12”

Bonnett is the grand son of NASCAR legend Neil Bonnett, and is considered part of the new generation of the Alabama Gang. Bonnett lives in Hueytown, Alabama.



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