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Video: Bubba Wallace Throws Drink in Alex Bowman’s Face After Roval Race

Well, I don’t think that Alex Bowman and Bubba Wallace will be exchanging Christmas gifts this holiday season.

The two were battling fiercely on the track during Stage 2 of  Sunday’s Bank of America 400 at the Charlotte Roval, but then they began to get a little too close for comfort. Wallace took exception to Bowman’s driving and showed his displeasure with a middle finger.

Bowman didn’t appreciate the hand gesture, and spun Wallace’s No. 43 out as retaliation.

After the race, where he had somehow miraculously scored a second-place finish to work his way into the next round of the Playoffs, Bowman was slumped next to his car and getting medical attention, Wallace came up to voice his anger at Bowman. After a brief conversation, Wallace tossed his drink in Bowman’s face.

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  1. I can’t get passed the fact that Alex was receiving medical attention while this happened. There is no reasonable explanation for this to happen while a person is being attended to by medical personel. Now let’s see NASCAR step up and do something about shit like this!

  2. Bubba he needs punish even send him back to go carts bug babe cant believe Richard lets this piece shit drive his card

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