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Video: Wild Fight Breaks Out Between Bowyer and Newman After All-Star Race

Ryan Newman and Clint Bowyer will probably not be sending each other Christmas cards this year. After the Monster Energy NASCAR All-Star Race on Saturday night, Clint Bowyer bum-rushed Newman who was in his car with his helmet off and just started swinging.

Bowyer’s frustration stemmed from an on-track altercation on the cool down lap that sent the No. 14 car head on into the wall.

Here are what both drivers had to say after the scuffle, which left welts on Newman’s face:

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  1. c;int is such a whiner and a coward who took cheep shots,, hits a guy n a car who is completely defenseless,, and he kept his helmet on when nwman finally got out……,,then h hid behind his guys when when newman was gonna [punch him in the nose; what a stupid quote,,, nd he wasnt a lap down either,, so bowyer the cheater, coward,, was WRONG,!! CLINT WHERE R YOUR STUPID JOKES NOW? like alway not funny and insignificant,, like you are ,,, and your career are,,, just a has been,,,,who ya gonna hit next that cant hit u back??? guess what noone cares…..

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