Saturday, September 23, 2023

Will Daytona 500 Polesitter William Byron Play it Safe in Duels?


During Daytona 500 Media Day, William Byron spoke about what it feels like to be on the pole for the sport’s biggest race, and whether he has a strategy for the Gander RV Duel qualifying race.

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How does ‘polesitter’ feel, knowing that no matter what happens tomorrow night, as long as you don’t wreck, you’re on the pole?

WILLIAM BYRON: No, it’s good. It’s awesome to be on the pole. I’m looking forward to what it brings for us, what we can succeed with. I mean, just to be able to qualify on the pole like that is a goal of ours. It’s awesome.

This is year two. Going into this as the polesitter, everything that went on last year, how does it compare to the first time?

WILLIAM BYRON: It’s a lot different just because I don’t have to go through everything for the first time. I know my way around the racetrack, kind of know my way around on and off the track.

It definitely takes a lot of the pressure off, a lot of the edge off last year. I can just go out there and focus on racing.

What is your approach to the Duels?

WILLIAM BYRON: That’s a great question. I think we try to kind of see what happens. But I think with us starting up front, that’s a great thing. Hopefully we can keep it up there for a while and see what happens. Just kind of play it by ear, see how the race unfolds, if it’s calm or reckless like it was last year. We’ll see what happens.

Toby Christie
Toby Christie
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