I Hate Moving

Moving-Boxes-bI was a professional mover for a little over 10 years (if you count my time working summers while in High School). I disliked packing other people’s items and moving them cross country, but the amount of dread that comes with the process is exponentially greater when it’s your own items and memories that you’re having to haul to a new place.

That part sucks.

The part that sucks more? Finding a new affordable place to live that is in a decent neighborhood. When I was a single guy, nothing mattered. I could live anywhere, sleep anywhere. I didn’t care one bit about my surroundings. But as you grow older, and you have a wife and a child — some places just aren’t cut out to be lived in no matter the price.

So wish me luck. We have until the end of October to get into our new place, wherever that shall be.


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