Tannehill Accurately Easing Back After Injuries in 2016 and 2017

There is a huge contingent of folks who have written off Ryan Tannehill as a Miami Dolphins draft bust. I get it, aside from a playoff appearance in 2016 (which he couldn’t actually appear in because he had injured his knee in the final weeks of the regular season) he has done very little to showcase that he is a good quarterback in the NFL.

The Dolphins have lost both of their preseason games so far (not like that matters, preseason is a joke), but what has been eye opening — for me at least — is that Tannehill has shown some really good accuracy as he eases back into his starting QB role for the team.

Overall, Tannehill is 18 of 23 (78.2% Completion) with 132 yards and 0 Touchdowns to go with 0 Interceptions in those two preseason games. Sure, he hasn’t physically scored yet, but he hasn’t made any game changing — or what would be game changing in the regular season — errors. It seems that possibly in his time on the sidelines last season, as he was rehabbing his knee, that Tannehill was also absorbing the offense like a sponge.

If Tannehill and head coach Adam Gase are on the same page this season, the Dolphins could have a sneaky good year on offense. Kenyan Drake continues to run at a higher than 5-yards-per carry ratio, they have some youth at the tight end position that is looking to shine, and they have a new group of receivers.


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