Hey I Bought Some More Stock

Money-SignThere are three things I love — absolutely love — in life. My family. Sports. And collecting supplemental income for doing absolutely nothing other than investing in solid, proven companies who reward their investors with dividends.

On Friday I added a little bit more to my totals, I added a share of KHC (Kraft Heinz). This brings my holdings to a total of six shares for the Ketchup maker. This move added $2.50 to my yearly dividend total.

I also took the spare change I had left after the purchase of KHC, and I bought two more shares of LOAN (Manhattan Bridge) and two more shares of PSEC (Prospect Capital).

My total shares of LOAN have now reached 30, and I’m up to 20 shares of PSEC. The LOAN addition added another $0.96 to my yearly dividends, while my PSEC additions brought another $1.44.

This takes my yearly dividend income from $624.16 per year to it’s new total of $629.06. Slowly, but surely, the dividend snow ball is rolling.


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