Adding more Dividends before the weekend

Well it’s been a busy few days for me as far as adding a few shares of stocks to my portfolio. Of course, I am a dividend growth investor who is the middle of his journey to become financially independent.

One of my favorite ways to boost my portfolio is my Citi Double Cash Back credit card. What? You say? Yes I use my credit card.
Technically, not to buy the shares of stock themselves, but my wife and I use the card for our every day purchases that we would usually use our debit card for. We immediately pay it off, in essence we get a 2% discount on everything we buy. That 2% discount is given to us in a monthly payment from the credit card company.

We redeem that into our checking account, and I use the freebie money to buy more stocks that will in turn pay us free money (dividends) just for holding on to them.

I love it.

On Wednesday, I boosted my anticipated yearly dividend total to over $616. Fast forward to Friday and I increased that total by nearly $8 by adding more solid shares of companies that are dividend machines.

Today I added two more shares of GIS (General Mills) to my portfolio, which brings my holdings to five shares.

I also added two more shares of GOV (Government Property Income Trust), which brings my holdings to 15 shares.

I also took the spare change I had left over and used it to purchase one more share of F (Ford Motor Company), which brings my holdings to 17 shares.

These three transactions, which I am able to make without any fees of commissions because I use the app Robinhood — if you’re interested in a free account, which will allow you to do the same use my referral link and when you use my referral code you and I will each get a free share of a random stock.), added a whopping total of $7.96. Not bad, not bad at all.

To see my updated portfolio, click here.


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