Landon’s 9-Month Appointment

Well today the little man turned nine months old, which means it was time for another appointment at his pediatrician’s office. Landon was diagnosed with CF (Cystic Fibrosis) through an Amnio test before he was born. Ever since that day, Krista and I have felt that we were 1. Lucky to have this amazing child, and 2. Waiting for something negative to happen from a health standpoint.

I am proud to say that to this point, Landon has been healthy as an ox — not so much as one cold or sickness — knock on wood.

But for whatever reason my wife has been so apprehensive about this appointment for a few days. This in turn has caused me to feel like perhaps something negative would be found, so my insides have been turning as well — although I put up a tough guy front.

Luckily though the appointment went as planned with no issues. His doctor was actually very pleased with his gross motor skills, and he pointed out that the little man has a bunch more teeth that are about to poke through.


Landon is now 22 pounds, 11 ounces and he is 28.25″ long.

Sure we would like him to be a little longer by now, but all in all we will take a healthy Landon over a tall Landon any day!!


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