Could The Miami Dolphins Finally Have a Great Tight End?

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Miami Dolphins fans were spoiled by the amazing production of Randy McMichael during his five-year stint in South Florida. No tight end since has put up nearly the type of production (283 catches, 3,096 yards, 18 touchdowns). Of course McMichael is undoubtedly the best tight end that ever played for Miami, but McMichael left the building 12 years ago.

In those dozen years, the Miami Dolphins have suffered through some horrendous seasons which were mainly led by horrendous play at the quarterback position. But how much of it can be attributed to the QBs under center, and how much could be attributed to having less than stellar players at the safety valve (tight end) position?

We will never know for sure, but having a great tight end usually leads to a better performing quarterback.

It appears — at least in camp — that the Dolphins may have struck tight end gold in drafting Penn State’s Mike Gesicki in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

According to numerous reports, the 6’6″ athlete has an incredible catching radius and should help tremendously in the red zone for Ryan Tannehill.

He’s massive, and he can jump. But Gesicki can also run pretty damn well too. At the NFL Scouting Combine, Gesicki ran a 4.54 sec. 40-yard dash. That’s pretty good for a guy of his size, and it may require most teams to match up Gesicki with smaller faster defensive backs instead of stronger linebackers, which could lead to a lot of yards after the catch.

Dolphins Linebacker Stephone Anthony gushed to the Palm Beach Post about Gesicki after being burned in the end zone on a pass by the tight end.

“The kid’s got some special abilities, no doubt about it,” Anthony said. “He can jump. His ball skills are off the charts. That’s what makes him special. He’s a good player.”

The one knock on Gesicki so far is that he isn’t the best blocker by any stretch of the imagination. But he showed strength and agility in the combine as well. Also, Dolphins tight ends coach, Shane Day told CBS Sports that he’s encouraged by the blocking he has seen so far from the rookie.

“I’m very pleased with his blocking,” Day said. “He’s right where I would expect him to be as a rookie.”

If he can learn how to block NFL defensive linemen before the season starts, watch out.

As a Miami Dolphin fan, I am excited to see how No. 86 does. He has a legit shot at being the best tight end this team has seen in well over a decade.


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